Responsive website

Conceptual innovation in the financial sector

MBNA challenged Nice to reinvent their public facing website, creating a contemporary and personalised responsive platform that would drive increased conversion of new card applicants.

How we helped do the right thing?

Nice Agency created an engaging guided search that sign posted prospects through a series of simple call to actions that would funnel their requirements - whether it be balance transfer, rewards, or rates - and present the most relevant card types to meet their need. We took into consideration the context in which each device is used and the needs arising from that use: a smartphone is more often needed for quick checks on the go, while a laptop is used for a more immersive and in depth experience.

What happened next?

Now, provides not only a delightful interactive experience for new and existing MBNA customers, it offers a streamlined guide to credit contextual to the user requirements, and the demands of the device on which it is used.


Overall prospect conversion increased by 600% as a result of the redesign.