Travel app

Travel App

Your very own pocket travel assistant

M&S Bank Explorer app launched their innovative pocket travel assistant in 2015 with enthusiastic reviews from users and M&S Bank seeing uptake from social media and email campaigns as well as a rise in customer angagement.

M&S Bank wanted to be closer to their customers and offer them a unique, meaningful service that would resonate to their interests: travel.

By creating the M&S Bank Explorer mobile & tablet app, we wanted to bring an innovative and disruptive idea to the financial services market and offer our customers something totally different from other financial institutions.


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Considering that users seeking travel inspiration, and guidance, are heavy mobile device users and more inclined to use mobile as primary channel when looking for information on the go, we created the M&S Bank Explorer app - a pocket travel assistant, helping users decide not just where to go but how to make the most of it when they get there.

In order to be highly accessible, we’ve developed the Explorer app to meet the web content accessibility guidelines to AA standards.

Making products user's love

“Just downloaded the app and it's incredbly handy. We're doing quite a few city breaks in 2016 and having everything at hand (especially financial information, insurance options and city information etc like this is fantastic”

GJ, 12 Nov 2015 (Real comment from App Store)